Saturday, August 4, 2012


I have been hurt so many times
And left alone in this world of mine
Love easily come and it simply goes
Leaving me with lots of sorrow

So I decided to evade love from now on
To avoid wasting so much emotion
I don't want anymore to take the chance
So not to experience any poor romance

I don't want to fall in love again
So tired of playing the same game
I will try to lock down my heart
To keep it away from breaking apart

I know love is sweet but often bitter
especially when lovers don't understand each other
Getting hurt in the end is what I try to dodge
Just to protect myself and I don't need to be judged

I don't want to be in loved again
And get myself hurt in the end
I will face the world on my own
And continue my life all alone

Photograph by: Empi
Poem By: Alhon


  1. Gusto ko to at yung feeling in love! It makes us happier and younger diba! kipitup!!

  2. pinicturan mo emps sarili mong kamay sa pic? hehehe

    best part ng tula yung:
    I will try to lock down my heart
    To keep it away from breaking apart

  3. ganda ng tula pero ang lungkot.. ang cute naman nila..

  4. well love is a game of risks khit masakit madalas worth fighting for pa din nmn nice poem by the way

  5. naku ALONE FOREVER.. sabihin mo sa nagsulat nito.. *nangengeelam lang chos hahaha* minsan talaga ang mga failures natin yung mga pain, mga hurt.. minsan kailangan talaga mangyari yun, may dahilan... kahit feeling niya walang may sense na reason for all of it, pero meron yun.. minsan yung mga pangyayari sa nakaraan na masakit yun ang susi para sa magandang mangyayari sa future.. kaya he or she should not stop on hoping for LOVE to come...

    pero kung ayaw paawat.. sige..magpaka-hopeless romantico at be alone forever.. hahaha

  6. ang emote emote naman..pero tamang tama ang lines ng tula..nice pics!

  7. lungkot naman po.....kakatakot nga mainlove na...ayoko na din, takot na mabroken hearted ulit...huhuhuh! yaen na nga...