Friday, December 18, 2009

Visiting Here

Bumisita lang at sumilip sa kakaibang mundo at mag-alay ng isang tula para sa ating lahat. :)

Christmas is filled with joys and laughters,
Christmas is filled with love,
It is also to recall all our good memories
With someone we love dearly.
We often think at Christmas time
Of people we do really keep in our hearts.
We realize how blessed we are
to have our family around us.

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Marco Paolo


  1. awww... we so missed you... buti naman nag-drop by kah... i realized the same thing too today.... how blessed we are to have our family and all our love ones around us... ei enjoy 'ur christmas... muwahugz.... and have a blessed New Year... Godbless! -di

  2. You are blessed, i am as well. The world is peaceful if only we decided to be. Happy new year!

  3. New Year's Day is every man's birthday. Happy New Year Everyone.....