Thursday, February 16, 2012

What I've learned about love

If you love someone always appreciate what he/she does for you. I used this quotes in my previous post and it talks about love, how to take care of your love ones and the feeling of being in love. It is important that you appreciate small things what your other-half have done to you and taking care of the relationship, as well! Let him or her know how much you value your relationship and how much you love him or her.

There’s a possibility that he/she will give up on your love or he/she will leave you if you don’t pay attention to the effort, and the love of your love ones. So, before it happens…appreciate, adore, respect, encourage each other, avoid negativity and take care of your other-half.

You've been through so much pain since your other-half left. Huli na kasi ang lahat para pagsisihan ang mga maling nagawa. Kelan ba nasa unahan ang pagsisisi? You’ve been given so many chances but you didn’t do anything to work it out. Sad to say, chances no more!

There’s nothing you can do but to accept that everything is gone. You’ve been loved by your other-half but you didn’t do anything to feel him/her that your relationship is worth fighting for. You did something wrong that everything end up nothing! So, yeah, it hurts and you regrets for what you have done in your relationship. Pero huli na nga ang lahat, di ba?

Thinking over and over again…loneliness hits you…too much pain…sleepless nights…

Sometimes, you still not convince yourself that you and your significant-other were through. And you’ve realized how much he/she is important to your life once he/she is gone. It hurts and it caused too much pain for both of you but yeah, it’s all over. 

Moving on is the next process. Acceptance is important to move on. Accept the fact that your other-half is not in your side anymore. Accept your mistakes and learn from it. It just takes time to move on and you feel empty and broken but you will used to it...

Yeah, it's so SAD! This is not really EASY. 

Sigh! This is life….we have to deal with it!

Dear folks, if you have boyfriend, girlfriend, husband/wife just appreciate the love, take care of him/her, value your love ones and feel them that they're worth.

Thanks for reading...Have a nice day!

Bye for now!

Sharing this song to you, folks!


  1. truly, you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.

  2. "Dear folks, if you have boyfriend, girlfriend, husband/wife just appreciate the love, take care of him/her, value your love ones and feel them the they're worth." - will do.


  3. siguro, it's not that we don't know what we've got until it's gone. truth is, we know what we have, we just didn't think na mawawala sa atin yung mga bagay na iyon. marerealize nalang natin na ganun sila kaimportante kapag hindi na sila sa atin. we get used to the fact na they're just there, kapag kailangan natin sila.

    ganun talaga. we can never appreciate too much. sa huli, dun tayo mag-a-assess. dun natin mapapagtanto kung sapat ba ang naibigay nating attention at pagmamahal sa mga taong nandiyan para sa atin. sabi nga nila, pag nagmahal ka, ibigay mo lahat. hindi yung paunti unti, hence, it's not loving at all.

    learn to let go of the things that you thought you can hold on to forever. that's one way of moving on.

  4. in a relationship, appreciation of the small things is a must. no matter how small those things are.. nasa huli ang pagsisisi kaya ngayon palang alagaan ng mabuti ang someone mo.

  5. such a nice post for feeling emo...
    love the music vid...

  6. oh em! nag-uumenglish ang lolow ko. lol

    Good points. it's reallt regretful when all comes to an end, the way you don't want it to be. That's life. sigh*

  7. bimpo please!!

    yes i agree with you...treasure every moments that you share with your love'z you'll never know what tomorrow may bring...

  8. Agree. Don't just love the person. APPRECIATE the person. Even the littlest things count.

    Hay.. the problem with people is that they couldn't let go.

    Acceptance is the very first thing to consider. Iaccept na lang na wala na. Kaya nagiging bitter at nasasaktan, kasi nage-expect pa. When both of you (or kung siya lang) decided to break up, it means it's over na. Accept it. No expectations. Go on with your life and SMILE. :) Trust me, I know. hehehe..

  9. Amen.Kung di lang naman yan gagawin ma mundok ka na ng magisa ng walang sinasaktan.

  10. VERY WELL SAID! Grabe, nainlove ulit ako pero teary eyed din..hay. TRUlalu lahat to! na refresh ko sa relationship ko. thanks.

  11. agreeng agree ako sa post mo empi, pero mahirap din yung ikaw ang nagbigay ng lahat, di pa din nakuntento. galit?! hehe :)

  12. Ouch, hopefully things will brighten for you soon. :(