Friday, August 13, 2010

Proposal for a relationship

What if someone propose you for a relationship?

Will you accept it or reject it?

Well, like you, I have also my other account which I can post my rendered poems and some articles. Two months ago I didn't open it because I don't have any new poems and article to post or I am just lazy making new one. Pero nitong nakaraang araw... I have guts to open it and repost the old post... hehehe!

While checking other poems and articles, I also checked my latest messages section and it caught my attention of unfamiliar message and username. And I was a little bit shocked of her letter. Please see below:

However, her letter makes me smile/laugh… hahaha! And I am glad that there’s still someone (like her) that has a belief in the so-called the power of love. But still, nakakatakot because I don't even know her. Anyway, try ko lang, I reply her and now waiting for her response and let see what will happen. LOL!


  1. pinatulan talaga, parang naka receive narin ako ng ganyan. Minsan bogus lang pero malay malay mo nga this must be love.


  2. friendship is still a form of relationship, so why not! Ü

  3. @ JIN: sinong sabel? hahaha

    @ MARLO: Hahaha! wala magawa.

  4. @ YANAH: tnt ka rin... hahaha!

    @ JEPOY: Hahaha! Jepoy, walang magawa e kaya sige try lang... hahaha!

    @ CHYNG: Yup! That's true, Chyng! Malay natin... destiny hahaha! umaasa enoh. joke!

  5. tol lalaki yan nyahahahah! joke!!!

  6. @ ZEB: hagalpak ako sa tawa pare... hahaha!

  7. budolbudol yan! wag ka maniwala! hahaha.. joke

  8. @ MP-rador: 'yon lang MP... hahaha! anyway, walang mawawala kung itry... di naman ako nagbigay ng kung anong personal details. :D

  9. Genial post and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you for your information.

  10. Reaching out for friendship is a good start for companionship, yes give it a try, everyone deserves a change.

    Marc, we're eagerly waiting for you to join PEBA 2010 as NOMINEE, please take the challenge to be one of our first OFW Supporter Top Winners.


  11. @ ANONYMOUS:THANKS, too!

    @ THE POPE: Thank you, sir. Pinag-iisipan ko pa po... medyo nahirapan kasi akong ikonek ang theme ngayon. ")