Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Are you your own worst enemy?

Who talks you out of more things than anyone else? Your spouse? Your parents? Your boss? Your lawyer? If you're like most people, the answer probably is: yourself.

You have an "inner voice" that has opinions on everything you do. That inner voice has its own perspective on you as a person, and is acutely aware of your limitations and shortcomings. Every time you attempt to step out of your box, to try something new and challenging, that inner voice starts in on you. "You can never do that," it says.

Well, that inner voice is wrong. You can do it if you set your mind to it, no matter what has happened in the past. In fact, your biggest obstacle is convincing yourself that you can. The first step in doing that is to acknowledge that the "inner voice" exists, and then take steps to counteract it.

The inner voice will always be there. You can't get rid of it. But you can keep it from dominating your thoughts and actions by supplying yourself with plenty of positive input.

Get yourself around positive, future-oriented people. Read books, listen to tapes, talk back to the voice and say, "Yes I can!" Dwell on the possibilities, not the risks. Model the behavior of successful people. Take action toward your goals. Remind yourself of your accomplishments and of the challenges you've overcome in the past. Write down your goals and review them at least once a day. Find your purpose in life keep yourself focused on it.

You can accomplish great things if you'll just let yourself do it.

-- Ralph Marston


  1. Pinapainom ko lage ng sleeping pills ung may ari ng inner voice ko eh,kaya lageng tulog at walang pakealam sa kung ano ang gagawin ko lolzz

  2. TO:

    LORD CM:
    Hahahaha... talaga ganon enoh! para walang maingay ba?! hahaha

  3. optimism ang sikreto para mapursue natin yung mga pangarap natin sa buhay...

    sabi nga nila
    if you'll think of something and make yourself concentrate that it will happen, the universe will conspire and grant it to you..

    malaking tulong yan pra hindi tayo panghinaan ng loob..:)

    dumugo ang ilong ko marco..
    english na nmn kase
    alam mo nmng mahina ako jan,,

  4. TO:

    wasussss..... humble!

  5. May nabasa akong book
    yung "inner voice" daw is also called "second thought"
    it can destroy you or pwede rin maka tulong, dapat daw we should be in control of that "inner voice"
    Nakiki share lang po.
    Nice post.
    I'll be back.

  6. yung inner voice ko paos sa kakavideoke,lols biro lang.

    simula ngayon magsisipag nako,

  7. I answer your query in the affirmative. hehe!! ang hirap kalaban ang isang pasaway na katulad ko, kaya malapit nako mamatay eh hehe!!! :D

  8. beautiful! ayaw kc maniwala ng sarili ko eh....hehehhe...inner

  9. yung inner voice ko sabi sakin pumunta ako sa tuktok ng building at tumalon...


  10. TO:

    oo nga... dapat makontrol ang inner voice na yan... thanks po! :)

    Panay ang videoke mo ata e... hehehe!

    Oist! don't say that... bad daw yan! :)

    Pwes, maniwala ka na... hehehe!

    Tsk! bad yan parekoy... hehehe!

  11. Yung inner voice ko and daming gustong gawin. hayz. ako napapagod. :)

  12. what does your innervoice tells you?

  13. yoko mkinig sa inner voice ko eh, horror eh horror,lols

  14. TO:

    hehehe... napagod... kasalanan ni innervoice yan... lolz

    hmmm... tired and exhausted :)

    Aswang ka pala?! lolz

  15. may problema ka parekoy ano? tsk. Mas lalaki problema mo kung marinig mo yang inner voice mo! Baka sa Mental ka mag blog. Ahihihi! Joke! Ayos yan. Quiet moments lang yan kapatid.... :)

  16. "Find your purpose in life keep yourself focused on it."


  17. TO:

    Oh my... MENTAL? naku po... malapit lang yan dito sa workplace ko... lagot! hahahaha!

    Oyyy! Musta ang bday? :)

  18. kelangan ko talaga yatang pakinggan ng mabuti ang inner voice, para kasing kanina nay pa sinasabing nagugutom na sya.. asar naubusan ako ng ulam.. haha

  19. Ano mangyayari kay tweety bird kapag uminom siya ng viagra? Sagot!

  20. TO:

    AYan! bagal mo kasi kaya ayon... naubusan ka ng ulam... hahaha!

    hahaha... ano nga ba mangyayari? sagot!

  21. Dream big and set your visions for the future, do not let any obstructions block your way in pursuing your future, transform your inner voice into a positive action in fulfilling your vision.

    A blessed weekend

  22. TO:

    Thanks for the advices... :)

    Ingat din

  23. YES! yon ang sagot sa tanong sa title nang entry moh... lolz... teka... kala moh kung anong YES nah 'un noh? ahehe.. lolz.. teka... tinatamad pa ang adik magbasa eh.... kaya nakikoment muna kahit walang nabasa... ahh... nabasa koh ang title... so 'unz... u have a nice weekend! btw ...musta nemen??? =)

    Godbless! -di

  24. Syempre masaya! ^___^

    Ikaw? Are you happy?
    Dwell on the possibilities that can make you happy!


  25. Syempre masaya! ^___^

    Ikaw? Are you happy?
    Dwell on the possibilities that can make you happy!


  26. nosebleed palah tong post moh... hmmmnnzzz.... well... makinig kah don sa voice deeper than your inner voice... kc i believe that's where God's voice it... yon ang pakinggan naten... syempre lahat naman kay God positive... pero madalas dehinz naten naririnig yon... kc we are so bz w/ our own thoughts, desires, wants, ambitions and so on and so forth... pero letz try to be quiet sometimsm.. in silence we'll hear Him.... letz try to let go of those negatives thoughts.. of course i know it won't be easy... that's why He's there... seek Him.. ask Him to help you out...and of course trust Him all d' time... sana related sinasabi koh sa post moh noh... lolz... eniweiz.. ingatz lagi... *hugz*... Godbless! -di

  27. syempre may mga typo errors... kaw na bahala don... u have a great weekend.. Godbless! -di

  28. TO:

    Oyy... tinamad pala ang manunula... hahaha

    Happy naman... pero syempre minsan malungkot dahil hmmm... wag nang alamin... hahaha!

    Hmmm... sige ako na bahala magkonek sa komento mo... hahaha

    ingat din...

  29. Marco Paolo said to Ms.Dylan: --->Happy naman... pero syempre minsan malungkot dahil hmmm... wag nang alamin... hahaha!

    Diane maki-chismax: why nemen??? why malungkot??? makiki-chismax lang... wehe... teka...baka may nami-miss...hihhheee... sino yon?... teka... baka miss moh lang cell moh? *wink* hehe.. ingatz =)

    enjoy 'ur weekend... Godbless! -di

  30. teka.. manunula.. kaw kaya 'un??? make me a poem nga... sabay ganon.. lolz.. laterz =)

  31. TO:

    Wala... pagod lang!

  32. dehinz ka naman galit noh?... may exlamation point eh... lolz.. peace! =) sige... juz get some rest diz weekend... ingatz... *smile*... Godbless! -di

  33. TO:


    Hindi! bwahahahahaha,.....

  34. ganda sa tawa...ayos! *apir*... har har har... yan na lang version koh... ingatz... have a nice weekend! Godbless! -di

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