Friday, February 13, 2009


What is Love?

Love has many different meanings to all different types of people. It is one of the most difficult questions to ask. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is blind. You really cannot give the true meaning of love. But no matter how you define it, the most important is that you do feel love and know how to share it or show it to someone special. The deep of love cannot be measured, so do not measure or even question it because sometimes it makes your someone special hurt their feelings if asking them on how much he/she loves you.

Love is caring someone so deeply that without her/him you feel so incomplete. Your day will not complete if they are not around or without talking her/him and you feel sad if not communicating each other. You would do anything just to make them happy and to protect them. Love is like a magic that would touch your heart so deep and makes you happy if he/she is in your side in good and bad times. And of course, if you love someone always appreciate what he/she does unto you.

But love also is not always in a happy moments that both individual shared. There’s also sad moments when time comes that you and your partner had trouble, misunderstanding, fight etc. You don’t have to worry about because that is normal in a relationship. You just need to understand each other and try to be humble and always put in our mind that nobody is perfect. Through with these, the relationship that you’ve been creating will be stronger. Without fights, I guess, the relationships are poor.

A lot of trials will come in any relationship but if the two of you overcome it, I am sure the relationship will go stronger and healthier. Just be together, share the joy and sorrow, understand each other, or provide space to each other, but always be there for each other’s need.

In long distance relationship, it is impossible to create such relationship that both sides are far. But in my own belief it is possible to build a relationship even you and your partner are not together; meaning both are thousand miles away.

Trials are always present in this kind of relationship, it measured your patient. Distance, in fact, is a big challenge in any relationship. Some relationship failed because it didn’t work out and they allowed temptation to set in, destroying the relationship in the process. But if both have trust each other and have belief that they can make it by then success in relationship will follow.

*** I am ok now... Thank you people... :)

-Marco Paolo-


  1. So true....

    Love is difficult to explain as God is impossible to understand..

    Love and Truth. They go together.
    I believe honesty in oneself and to one's love is the best way to go.

    Haaaay.... Gud Mawnin! =)

  2. TO:

    AMbilis ah... hehehe... thanks Ora!

  3. aww. yea. true. you cannot give a definite definition on love. you'll just know that it is love once you feel it.

    i believe so too that trials can be surpassed with LOVE and TRUST. and yea. trials make the relationship stronger and tougher.

    ahahay. grabe. malapit na talaga ang valentines..

    am glad you're okay now. god bless!

  4. Ang daming scope nitong post na ito. Napakaraming definitions ng love, may tungkol sa long distance relationship ay may mga payo sa mga taong nagmamahalan. Talagang love is in the air!

    Happy Valentine's Day sa lahat!

  5. TO:

    JHOSEL & RJ:

    Guys, love is in the AIR na nga talaga... hehehe... san kayo? ano plano? :)

  6. hayz... Love... sarap naman nang pagkasulat moh ditoh.... well... ayan nawala na akoh sa sasabihin koh... hmmnnzz... totoo 'un... parang pag nde moh sya makausap parang u feel so sad... tapos one day na nde moh makausap parang one week... tapos 'ung feeling moh na meron na syang iba eh parang dinudurog 'ung puso moh... ang lufet na term noh... pero pag nakausap moh... parang buo na 'ung araw moh... then ang saya saya moh lang nang walang dahilan... tapos naiisip moh lang sya eh parang kinikilig kah na... for some reason den minsan pag naisip moh syah eh parang ang bumibilis 'ung tibok nang puso moh.... abah nakarelate daw akoh?... lolz... pero true in a relationship eh nde naman perfect... nde laging masaya... darating den ang mga challenges... iiyak ka ren at malulungkot... parang life den... roller coaster den... pero ano ang magpapatibay nang isang relationship?... malapit man or malayo i think it makes a difference tlgah if kapag andyan si God sa middle nang relationship na 'un... kc sya ang nagiging foundation nitoh... and ano mang bagyo ang pagdaanan ninyo eh sya lagi ang maglalapit sa inyong dalawah... true sometimes parang napakaimposible lalo na pag ang case eh long distance relationship... pero i guess andon dapat ang trust sa isa't isa and ang faith kay God... maraming temptations for sure ang darating... may mga taong pilit siguro kayong paghihiwalayin... pero kapit lang tlgah kay God... and kaya nga gusto koh 'ung song na "faithfully"... dapat pareho silah eh mag-wait faithfully sa isa't isah... hayz love nga naman oo... kaya nga one of d' best bible verse eh ang 1 Corinthians 13:4-7,13

    Love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous;

    love does not brag and is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly;

    it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered,

    does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth;

    bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

    Love never fails...But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love.

    Godbless! -di

  7. ...pano ko ba maipapaliwanag ito?...
    ...wala akong alam diyan! ahhaha (kunwari pa) ...

    ...ang alam ko masarap ito sa feeling kung mahal niyo ang isat lang...yeee....

  8. ngek. dito lang ako sa bahay the whole 14. busy din kasi ang mga friends ko. kea magliliwaliw na lang ako sa net. ahehe.

    wehee. naaliw na naman ako sa comment ni sis di na mala-post. ahehe.

    grabe na ito. kahit saan amoy LOVE na. nyahaha.

    advance happy valentines!

  9. TO:

    What a comment huh?! hehehe... well sanay na ang lahat sa mala-post mong comment... but i would like to thank you for sharing ur opinion about LOVE and also for the bible verse... mukha nasa katinuan ka na dhi hehehe... ingats!

    Hid, wag ka ng magtago... lumabas ka na sa lungga na yan... hehehe PEACE po!!!

    ah i see... anyway, just enjoy the Val's Day! hehehe

  10. Marc: mukha nasa katinuan ka na dhi hehehe... ingats!

    Dhi: hahaha... minsan bah nde... ahh oo nga noh.. minsan palah malabo akong kausap... lolz... pero sige.. dehinz akoh gano mangunguletz sa post nah toh... masyadong maganda pagkasulat moh para kulitinz koh... =)

    ingatz den! GODBLESS! -di

    p.s. sis jo naaliw kah bah?.. salamat... kc naaliw kah eh naaliw den akoh sa hirit moh... =)

  11. sis di. ahaha. good luck sa madami pang exams. haha. at talagang ginawa nating chatroom ang page ni kuya. ahehe.

    marco: yea. mageenjoy talaga ako sa 14. ahehe. ikaw din kuya. magpakasaya ka sa 14. wag ng mag-emo. ahehe.

  12. TO:

    Dapat lang... seryos topic yan... aw!!! hahaha.. joke!

    I will! thanks!

  13. hehehe....

    You know what they say about the early bird?...

    Hala! Bakit naman Ora? gawin mo namang Oro. Baka malito ako nyan...

  14. yeah, ms di is right.. dapat always nasa middle ng relationship c BOSING.. para maging foundation ng dalawang taong ngmamahalan..

    pero sympre, u both must trust, respect, care and love each other..

    it's not easy as you go along the way, you'll be having problems and misunderstanding, but it's up to both of you how you deal with that scenarios.. basta lage dapat kyong hawak kamay.. ang always ask God's guidance... that's more important..

    take care!

  15. TO:

    hehehe... ano yong early bird? explain Oro?

    Ora short for Oracle... hehehe

    Thanks for you comment... TC!

  16. Love.. yun siguro yung bagay na napakalawak ang saklaw...

    we're always expecting that Love will bring us Joy and Happiness but sometimes we forgot that Love can also give us Pain and Heartaches..
    ganun lang yun eh.. Vice versa.. Hindi pwedeng onesided lang...
    kaya kung nagmahal ka... Lumigaya at sumaya ka.. expect mo na may susunod na Hindi masyadong masaya at Hindi masyadong maligaya dun..
    believe ma pareko..
    there's NO such thing as PERFECT in this World lalo na Kung LOVE ang usapan..

    happy balentayms...

    lols.. napapadalas ang pag-Ingles ahhh.. anung nakain mo..hehehe

  17. wow... define love.. so high school!!! lolz

  18. TO:

    Ok na sana e... humirit ka pa talaga... wala nakakain lang ng ipis!!! lolz

    High school hhahaha

  19. so true funny how it seems lalala..hahah kanta yan..lolness fafa mksi korakness to the highest lebel, ive been there eh,the only thing cguro na na learn kow, is learn to trust and be patient lage kahit sobrang gigil na ggil ka nang mag taeness hahah,at saka pinakamhirap dun eh ung mattempt talaga ung partner mow ohh my gulayness di kow kinarry carry hahaha..constant communication and be sensitive sa mga nararamandaman nang isat isa weeeeeeeeeee.yoko na tama na to, may naalala lang akowng mga kawendangan kow eh hahah..good to hear na ure ok fafa mski1!Gudluck at Godbless sana magging ok na ang lahat!cheer up!!!!!!!muahugs ka namin ni mareng dhi o..

    *inhale *
    and go to hell*

    hahaha yan bago yan!!lolness

  20. hwag naman hell mare kow... heaven naman... sensya nah i know itz a biro lang po... pero heaven na lang =) wehe... okz... sige.. napadaan lang po muli...

    GODBLESS! -di

  21. grabe, sinulat mo tlga to?

    I cant write an essy na may 2 paragraphs, tpos love pa topic. Whew!

    Apir Marco!

  22. ayus! sarap naman basahin ng mga nagmamahal pba ang galunggong? ehem! nabubulol ako kpag nandito ako sa blog mo dre - malakas kc ako makakaramdam - ramdam mo din ba?

  23. musta na Marco?

    For me Love is unconditional. You must feel it because of undefined reason and you must be willing to give everything. Otherwise, it is not love... :)


    Emo na Emo ah. :)

  24. TO:

    Aba! Aba! Ituloy mo na ang kwento… makikinig kaming lahat…

    Hmm… go go go go to H***… subukan kong pumunta roon kaya? Hehehe

    Oist… Amor! Behave ka… andyan si Pastora Dhi… Hehehe PEACE DHI!

    Apir Chyng! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

    Galunggong? Mura na ata parekoy… Hehehe… ramdam ko ang alin dre? Gulo mo ah.. hahaha PEACE!!!

    Otherwise? Hmmm… alam ko ata ang ibig mong sabihin… Hehehe

  25. Your right when you say Love has many different meaning... because life is the progression of finding love...every person will need to discover four people in their existence..
    1st person is U...
    2nd person is the one you love most...
    3rd person is the one who love you most and the
    4th is the one you spend the rest of your life with…

    In a relationship, what you say is one thing, but what you do is another...the one saying does not believe...the one listening also does not believe. Go ka lang ng Go bro!.. just give your best!

    Acceptance plays a part. Not all wishes come true. Not all love stories end with “happily ever after.” but you can do some things that cannot forget in your relationship... just do your part bro!

    basta, if you love each other kahit magkalayo kau... go for it! fight for it... just TRUST! un lang....

    *emo kana naman bro...hehhee

  26. TO:

    Wow... so touched! thank you for your comment sis... You always take care ok?

  27. you made me realized something about what love really means. . coz it makes me feel so confused. . naks! tama ba english co? nagpapanggap na naman aco. . hoy! ok ka na ba talaga? parang nag eemote ka parin. .


    visit my blog. tnx!

  29. TO:

    I'm ok naman Papel... nakatawa na ako ng malakas... like this oh... bwahahahahaahahhaha... :)

    Hi Win! thanks for the visit... :)

  30. oo nga... ba't galing galing moh magsulat... naki-2nd d' motion lang kay chyng.. lolz.... kaw nga gumawa nang mga comin' up papers koh... lolz... napadaan muli... =)

    smile lang lagi... oh yeah kanina i was listenin' don sa preach nang isang fave preacher koh si joel osteen... sabi nyah always find a time in a day to have kahit at least one hearty laugh... basta kahit emo eh try tumawa... laugh at small things... laughter is contagious... 'la lang... minsan kc parang masyado tayong nagpapadala sa emosyon na nararamdaman naten na nalilimutan nateng tumawa u know... sayang... 'la akong baon na joke eh... kaw na lang mag-joke... lolz... ingatz... have a nice day k... nd have a great weekend =)

    Godbless! -pastora dee... lolz =)

  31. TO:

    hayy naku!!! pag dating sa mga school paper... ewan ko lang kung makakagawa ako... hehehehe

  32. love ang topic nang school paper koh... kaya moh yan.... hehe...sana nga noh about love nga para kaw na lang magsulat... malufet ka kc magsulat eh.... tsk!... nde ma-reach... lolz

    nde koh napansin ang title nang post... oo nga noh... parang pang-autograph nga nang mga h.s. non... What is Love?... hmmnnnzz... ano bah ang kadalasang sagot nilah non?...

    Love is Blind...
    Love is like a Rosary that is full of Mystery...
    Love a Boy Love a Toy but not a Kanto Boy... lolz

    ...haha.. nde koh na maisip kung ano pa 'ung mga kadalasang sagot nilah non...

    na-miss koh lang manguletz sa post... =)

    peace out! Godbless! -di

  33. mali palah akoh... dehinz palah title moh 'ung what is love... intro nang essay moh palah...=)

  34. One day to go na lang Valentines na..e ano naman kung wala kang special someone o kung meron man malayo naman sayo? what's important is you love.. aysus..Bagong salta lang ako sa blog mo..hehe..

  35. hahaha fafa mski di nkow tnatablan eh nang mga pastor hahaha jokenss

  36. napakakomplekado ng word na yan at kahirap i-define. minsan akala natin na yun na yun pero di naman pala---very tricky kasi---basta---sugal lang talaga siguro pag-ibig---me mga mapalad at me mga hindi---

    then again--happy Valentines day to all----

  37. TO:

    Daming definition ng love noh? ehehehe

    Hey Bads, thanks for dropping by... HVD to you!

    Oo nga... sugal nga kung tatawagin ito... basta go ka lang... basta happy!!! HVD to you!

  38. what is love?

    KInakain ba yon???


  39. Buti nman parekoy at Ok ka na...kaso parang hinde pa rin kasi pag napaguusapan ang LOve nakakasira ng ulo yan..hahaha

    Magsaya parekoy..tagay na!...

  40. ang lalim naman nito
    pareng Marco
    how's Vday?

  41. TO:

    Ms. DONNA:
    Sa tingin mo, kinakain ba yon? hehehe

    Tagay na!!! hehehe... musta dre?

    Oyy... musta parekoy? pati ang HVD mo? musta? hehehe

  42. I also believe that love can't be measured and that when you answer how much you love someone, in a way you are limiting just how much you love that person. teke nalito ata ako sa sinabi ko? lols!

    Dropping by to do what i do best. Magpacute. Lols!

  43. TO:

    Pacute lang pacute... hehehe

  44. for short -- love isn't easy to define .. andaming angles na dapat tingnan at ma.recognize .. :)