Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Thought

In life, never ask something that makes you happy, makes your life complete and meaningful. Just be happy and be contented with what you have. Never mind if you are alone because it is not a big issue as long as you are happy, so be it! If you know how to handle life, then everything will be fine.

Many people say that, it is better to have an inspiration in life or to have someone to love than nothing. But what if that person is the one who makes your life miserable and ruins your heart over and over again? Will you still love this person? Or are you going to let go? These are questions that only you can answer.

Well, everything that happens in our life is a test from Him that makes us stronger. Because He knows you can manage it and conquer it all. Every experience has a lesson. Every person who’s coming in our life has a purpose; whatever purposes he/she may bring just get ready.

Sometimes, life is hard to define. Life is unfair. We can never expect what will happen. Good or bad experiences will always be present. And we think that giving up is the right way to escape. But we didn’t know that, it’s just a test in our life. If we fail to face it then we call it the unsuccessful one. Whatever happens in our life never forget to trust Him. Don’t make your life miserable indeed, explore it and put the meaning of it because life is beautiful.


  1. Life is meaningful and beautiful.I like your point of view about life. Thanks for reminding me that life is something to be enjoyed.