Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Love You, Goodbye!

oThe day I met you
I guarded my heart not to fall.
Because I know falling in love again means getting hurt again.
I don’t want to feel this way again
So I tried to hide the feelings.
Put it out. Suppress it. Control it.
But the feeling is just too strong!

I said “Why this feeling?” but my heart asked “Why not?”
“Forget Love!” my mind insisted! But my heart replies “forget not!”

I tell myself “You fool! You’ll get hurt again!”
But my heart responded heartily “Yes, I will be fool for love again!”

“This won’t work!” they say, but my heart keeps telling me “Why not try?”
Ah Love! Why do I have to love you!

Why does it have to be you?

Yes, I’ve been in love before… and hurt before.
But I’ve never been this happy whenever I am with you.
And never been this sad whenever you are away.
I know my feeling for you is true.
Could this really be Love? Then why does it hurt sometime?

Then you leave me… without even saying goodbye…without any clear reason.
“Why did it happen again?
Why do you have to leave me?
Why do have to hurt me?”

People might see me laugh.
They see me kidding around and not taking things seriously.
Little do they know that I am hurting inside?
“Why did it happen again? Why do you have to leave me? Why do have to hurt me?”
It hurts so much because you are away… away from me… away from my heart.

I know I need to move on. I need to accept that you are no longer mine.
“Maybe we are not meant to be together” I console myself.
“Letting you go is the right thing to do,” I conclude.
“It will not work anyway,” I tell myself.
But even those thoughts won’t make me feel better but make me miss you even more!

But there is just one thing I ask… One request I will make.
One final moment with you...
To say …

(This poem is a collaborative work of my friend and myself...Happy Birthday to you!)


  1. geh na nga madrama huh!!

    haPPy bday narin sa friend mo kung sino man xa :))

  2. hey, thanks for the greeting! post more! would like read more about your point of view.