Monday, September 20, 2010

Quickie Post 2

Hindi ko alam how to start writing this entry... I was just shocked when I got the news....pero I am sorry for both of my friends... Sorry that your relationship ends up nothing. I am sad dahil hindi nagwork ang relasyon ninyo. But I wish that everything will be fine. And I wish that both of you can cope this up. And of course, I wish it will not affect our friendship. I wish that our group will stay....

"don't go into a relationship if you are not ready to commit."

We will be here for you guys...

Take care always,



  1. nasabi ko na ang gusto kong sabihin sa blog ko.. :(

    *hugs* to both of them..

    sad talaga ako about the whole thing.. :(

    yeah... tama si Marco.. were here for you.. we'll always be here for you..

  2. napakasupportive na kaibigan! T_T namiss ko rito ah

  3. Wow! Love is a complex feeling talaga, and yet it is the most addictive feeling na pwede mong maramdaman, pero kapag nasaktan ka sobrang sakit. I hope maging okey mga kaibigan mo..We all learn how to move on but not all of us are capable of getting over the past. Lalo na pag malalim na yong pinagsamahan.

    Nice marco this is the time na kailangan ka ng mga kaibigan mo.

    Pwede na pala kong maging si Mr. Jo 'd Mango..hahaha

  4. magkaibigan nga kayo ni yanig, sabwatan sa post. haha

  5. magkaibigan nga kayo ni yanig, sabwatan sa post. haha

  6. ako nde kita iiwan... lolz... pinapangiti ka lang... anyhoo hope both of ur friends will be ok... kaw ren parekoy gudlak sa luvlife... ingatz... GodblesS! =)

  7. at time like this, a friends loving shoulders are always important.

  8. Awts! Sad naman...Mahirap noh kung yung both parties ay close mo...

  9. Thank you, guys!

    Sana nga magiging ok... :)