Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dear Friend

You’re such a wonderful friend
For a little bit of time
I thank God for having a friend like you.
When I will say goodbye to you

Because someday I maybe far away
I hope you don’t even forget me like I do
Our sweet and happy memories will always bear fresh in my mind
I do hope you feel the same, too!
Whatever obstacle comes from our friendship

And how I am far apart from you,
I assure you that you will not be forgotten.

I thank God for having a friend like you
For guiding me
For protecting me
For understanding me
For loving me
And for caring me.
Because our friendship is golden

Like the stars in the heaven
And you will be my precious stone in my heart
Until one day we will meet
Thank you my friend!

***nahalukay ulit sa kabila... ;)


  1. @ JIN: hmmmm... pwedeng sayo... pwede ring sa kanya... pwedeng ring sa kanila... o kaya pwede ring sa mga taong tinuturing akong kaibigan. :)

  2. snu kaya to?shungs dali text mo kung snu hahaha

  3. @ AMOR: Tangs, basahin mo ang reply ko kay jin... yon din sasabihin ko sayo. :D

  4. tinatamad akow mag basa paki copy paste nalang