Sunday, March 8, 2009

Always making progress

I have nothing to post here yet because my mind can't think it well. I have something to write but I don't know how to start. So, I would like to share (again?) the article from Ralph Marston.

Please read the article below:

The greatest triumphs often come after the biggest setbacks. The most substantial successes are often preceded by numerous failures.

Why does achievement so regularly rise out of disappointment? Because disappointment can be such a powerful teacher.

Others could tell you a thousand times what doesn't work, and still you might be tempted to try it. Once you've experienced disappointing results for yourself, however, you're not going to make the same mistake again.

Are you hesitant to move forward because there's the possibility of a setback? Then consider that every short-term disappointment can serve to build a stronger foundation for long-term achievement.

Even when you're not getting the results you want, you're making progress. Every experience, whether successful or not, can teach you how to do it better.

So go ahead, step forward, and travel confidently in the direction of your dreams. For even though the setbacks and disappointments will come, you surely have nothing to fear.

And, even more importantly, you have everything to gain.

-- Ralph Marston


  1. based!!!!

    and nice thought for the day!

  2. i couldn't agree more!

    Tama. Basta keep on going lang. No regrets as long you do everything by heart and mind, honesty sa sarili...


    p.s. swerete ako kasi nakilala ko siya... salamat parekoy!

  3. sabi nga nila..ang bukangliwayway eh nakikita pagkatapos ng pinakamadilim na parte ng gabi..

    keep the faith...

  4. TO:

    MS. DONNA:
    Oy! Dumaan ka pala... hehehe... Thank you Ms. Donna.

    Yup... tama ka dre... :) di na ako makahirit... hehehe

    Mas lalong di ako makahirit...Yeah... keep the Faith! :)

  5. so true. every experience is an opportunity to grow. kahit pa failures, kasi through your failures, you can always reflect and see your weak points so that next time you could be better. kaya nga always keep on moving forward. dont be afraid to take the risk. kasi at the end of the day, it would be for your own good.

    ahehe. epal lang uli dito kuya. have a nice week-end!

  6. TO:

    Tama ka na naman... hehehe... kumbaga try and try lang...

  7. pang-7th comment akoh... 'un lang muna koment koh... lolz... hmmnzzz... like sabi nga ni adik nah donna... nice thought of d' day... lolz...can't think well nah... sleepy nah akoh... ingatz lagi bro... itz nice to be back... tuloy tuloy moh lang yang pagpapagaling moh ha... *hugz*.. Godbless! -di

  8. thanks for sharing..

    we always hope for the best but, everything happens for a reason kaya oks lang yan...
    we may sometimes fall beyond our (and their) expectation(s) but what matter is that we learn something for us to do better next time..

    see you around

  9. A Story to Live by post:

    uy! love the post.... yeah graveh... dapat advice koh yan sa sarili koh ren... bago mag-complain eh tumingin muna sa paligid... 'ung minsan ang mga bagay na kinokomplain naten eh sisiw lang compared to others... and yeah dapat instead na mag-complain eh mag-focus on His blessings instead... and yeah when down instead na magpaka-emo eh be a blessing to somebody instead... sinasabihin koh sarili koh... =)

    Smile naman dyan post:

    hahaha... 'ung lang... lolz =)

    Feeling down? post:

    true... kapag emo instead na magpaka-focus sobrah sa mga negatives eh do somethin' positive... pero minsan tlgah... kapag emo koh..u don't feel like doin' nothin'... akoh pag emo sobrang tinatamad... don't wanna do anythin' tlgah.. papakaemo na lang akoh... lolz... =)

    ...nagkoment akoh sa mga na-missed kong post moh kahit sleepy akoh.... post ka naman... 'ung feelings moh.. 'ung nararamdaman moh... 'ung deep inside tlgah.. .sa kaila-ilaliman nang bitukah moh... lolz... sige ngah... new post nah... say somethin' to us... kahit nonsense pah... wehe... i'm really glad na 'ur feeling better nah... hwag ka na uletz muna magkakasakit para nde ka nilah uletz mamiss... yeah nilah tlgah... lolz... nde gumagana matino yutaz... mejo tired and sleepy nah kc... *hikabz*.. yan ang proof.. lolz.. sige... hanggang sa muli... *hugz* bro... Godbless! -di

  10. happy birthday sa mom mo!

    ingat lagi..


  11. Nakaka-inspire. Kailangang-kilangan ko ito. o",)

  12. go lang nang go sago ...take care fafa mski engotski hahahah

  13. Sige paaa, siiigeee paaa....tinagalog ko lang ung comment ni amor, go lang daw ng go eh lolzz

  14. TO:

    Oy! Nagbalik ka na pala.... Welcome Back Sis!

    Naks naman parekoy... napapa-english ka na ah... hehehe

    I will Sis... hehehe

    Birthday ng mom ko? malayo pa po kaya... hehehe

    Mukhang kailangan ko nga rin to DOc... :)

    GO ka lang ng go... san ka ba mag go go go? hehehehe

    LORD CM:
    Ayan... sige paa sige paa... hehehehe